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Preparing for School

We're one month away from another school year.

Perhaps it has already become routine for our parents and students, but for some, it's a new transition into another stage in life: first day of kindergarten, entering High School... regardless of the transition, school is a journey that everyone shares (or endures).

Before we begin the school year, here is one major, defining tip for all of our students regardless of the academic stage you are in, including the parents, because we're all just constantly learning as we progress through life.

Your attitude is everything.

Perhaps cliché, but your attitude will preface every experience you will ever encounter. This is not to say that having the right attitude will ensure success to everyone. Oftentimes, you will go into a situation hopeful and driven, yet come out of it discouraged and disappointed. "Why do I still not get this concept after hours of trying? Why did I do so poorly on a test that I studied hours for?".

If you change your attitude to embrace challenges, be willing to overcome the limitations you've set for yourself, chances are, you will bridge the discrepancy that exists between "I want to" vs. "I will" and "If I could" vs. "When I will". Figure out what went wrong in events that set you back, and change your attitude from being defeated to motivated to improve. Forgive yourself for making mistakes and be mindful of where you stumbled so that when you take that road again, you'll know where to pay extra attention.

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