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ex·​cel·​si·​or :ever upwards

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Excel Tutoring launches Excelsior, a program aimed to deliver free online tutoring help to students of Grades K-6. 

Excelsior's intention is to provide academic help to those who are currently struggling, both students and parents alike, during this unprecedented time. We recognize that tutoring may not be a luxury that everyone can currently afford, and this is our way of giving back to our home, Calgary. 

Thank you for choosing Excel Tutoring. Let us continue to Excel together. 

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Q. Is Excelsior a permanent program?

A. For the foreseeable future, no. Excelsior was launched as a response to COVID19, and we are hopeful that the education system will restore back to normal. Excel Tutoring will continue to provide tutoring support as per usual. 

Q. Who are the tutors?​

A. Excelsior tutors are volunteer High School students who are enthusiastic, friendly and academically bright.

While Excel Tutoring only employs qualified University students and graduates to offer tutoring services (our team), Excelsior provides younger, well-achieved individuals with the opportunity to gain leadership skills and teaching experience while also helping the community. All tutors through Excel Tutoring, including Excelsior, are recruited internally. We do not hire external applicants to ensure the quality of our tutoring services.

Q. Why do you only offer K-6 tutoring? Do you offer Junior High and High School tutoring?

A. Because of Excelsior students are High School students, they would be the most competent providing elementary tutoring. We do offer Junior High and High School tutoring for the Alberta, AP and IB curriculums as well through our main division, Excel Tutoring (more info). 

Q. Why is each session only 30 mins? Why do you impose a maximum of 3 hours of help per week?

A. We recognize the demand for educational support during this time, and aim to provide our support to as many students as possible. Thus, in order to meet this demand fairly, each session is only 30 minutes, and only a maximum of 6 sessions per family per week can be booked. Any additional hours will be denied. 


Q. What does each session entail? 

A. Within the 30 minute session, help for HUB learning and/or homework help is provided. Students must provide the tutor with materials to work on. Help to move the student ahead of the curriculum is not provided through the Excelsior program as we would like to prioritize those in need (for services to advance students in the curriculum, please contact us).

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